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Wedding Wednesday: Programs

Hello Y'all!

Wedding Wednesdays are back! It may be mid January but Spring will be here before we know it! So this blog post is dedicated to my 2024 Spring brides. Have ya'll thought about your day-of details? The signage, programs, menus, favors, etc... if the answer is no, don't worry you still have time and I am glad you found this post to get you thinking about one of the important, and usually a last minute afterthought, the programs.

A program can be as thought out or as simple as you want. Shoot, you can opt out of them even. But I highly don't recommend that; your Great Aunt Sue will want something to fan herself on that seasonable warm May day. In all seriousness, a program serves several important roles for the wedding day and I would read ahead before ditching them to save a little money (If you are going to ditch anything to save money ditch favors).

The first thing the program does is set the stage for the ceremonial events, you may know the order but your guests don't. This helps people follow along with the order, especially at outdoor weddings that are not mic'd. This also is a place to highlight the wedding party, special singers, speakers, and honored guests. Half of my extended family wouldn't have known my very talented sister-in-law was the special singer if it weren't for the program.

Now the next season I find programs to be important may only resonate with those with a sentimental side like myself but the program is a keepsake that will help you remember the details fifty years from now when your grandchildren ask questions about your wedding day. This piece of paper holds details of the date, time, place, and all the important people. It is a historical record for your future family.

And thirdly let's go back to Great Aunt Sue...any piece of paper becomes a fan especially in the South during the Spring and Summer outside or in a full church sanctuary. Modern programs have added a paper fan element to help with the heat and have a fun spin on the traditional program. I loved the idea of a fan program for our wedding on April 30th, 2022! So using the watercolor florals and church icons from our invitations I created a vintage paper fan shape. Our programs were a DIY moment with coordinating cardstock to add the structure the fan needed to be functional and feel luxurious. Then to top it off I added an eyelet with a gold tassel. I am still in love with how they turned out!

So now you are thinking about programs, take time to think about the style of program you want and start hashing out the details. I suggest having your ceremony lineup ready a month out if possible so you have time to order the programs without last-minute stress.

See other great program ideas and wedding inspirations over on the Southern'spirations Pinterest page! Follow on Pinterest HERE

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wedding program fan example
Our Program!


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