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Loads of Love Gift Set with Bubble By Bridget

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hello Y'all!

I am so excited to share Southern'spiration first official brand collaboration! I am so excited to introduce to you Bubble By Bridget a handcrafted bath bomb and bath product small business located in Florence, South Carolina! I am personally obsessed with her bath bombs and was spoiled silly with a stocking full of them last Christmas. At the beginning of January, I messaged Bridget and the creative juices started flowing! Bridget had the brilliant idea to do a festive Valentine Git Set showcase her custom red truck bath bomb and my signature red truck watercolor with a twist!

Give this gift set to your spouse, best friend, and yourself (we don't judge), and let them enjoy their Loads of Love from dawn to dusk! Start the day with a lovely cup of coffee or tea in the watercolor mug and end the day with a relaxing soak in the tub!

Short Q&A with Bridget of Bubble By Bridget

Q: Favorite part about making Bath Bombs? A: Simply put, bath bombs are FUN, and I love making fun things! I also love that I can see everything that goes into the products and feel good about what I offer not just my family but my customers. The fact that it serves as a creative outlet is just an added bonus :)

Q: What is the scent, or ingredients used for the truck bath bomb and your bath bombs in general? A: The biggest question I get is about fragrance, understandably so since the FDA has little to no regulations on them. All of my fragrances are plant-based aromatics that are produced using pure essential oils and aromatic isolates derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources. All of my oils are certified to be free of synthetic ingredients. I aim to be as transparent as possible with the ingredients I use. For more ingredient information, feel free to visit my website at!

Q: Favorite thing about this gift set? A: I love that I'm able to collaborate with another local artist (and one that is in my hometown of Hartsville)! I hope people who purchase this gift set find the products just as fun and joyful as we do. Little joys are a big win these days...

Loads of Love Gift Set is $20 plus tax and shipping.

Included: 1 Southern'spirations 11oz dishwasher safe ceramic mug, 1 Bubble By Bridget bath bomb, and 1 Bubble by Bridget shower steamer.

Local to Florence, Darlington, and Hartsville South Carolina?? We have free delivery!


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