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Holiday Decorating Tips with Laura Giese

Hello Y'all!

Today we are changing it up a bit! My mom, the original Southern Christmas elf, is sharing her tips and tricks to create magical Christmas decorations on a budget. Y'all I read a sneak peak of this post, and super excited, the tips are golden! Keep reading!


First, let me say that I am honored to be helping Rebecca with this blog….I hope that my holiday hints help you in some way

My first suggestion is to always start with a theme, this can be applied in many areas of life, and it really makes things simpler. Two years ago I went against family tradition and wanted a red and white Christmas in the living room, and now it is everyone favorite. You can have many different items, but a color scheme pulls things together. Now that doesn’t mean to throw away things that don’t match, oh no, but think where else you could use it… or start another tree in another room, or garland for the dining room filled with all of Grandma’s ornaments.

Also don’t be afraid to look and think outside the regular stores for your decorations. The garland over my fireplace came from JCPennys many years, bought for $5 on New Years Day, and has been many themes, with changing out the ribbon and textured pieces. Many shops get new decorations every year, never be afraid to ask the manager what are the plans for their holiday decorations when the season is over. Some may charge you a small fee, but most are willing to give away especially if it is for a church or helping the community in some way. Another idea is to look at your thrift store, but off season….that Christmas wreath will be $25 in November or December but $5 in January. Also, I have more than once taken a tree apart to use for making wreaths and garland. Be sure and use wire cutters and lots of creative juices.

Remember when decorating a tree… more is never less. I always buy things in groups of odd numbers, like 5, 7 or 9. Fillers are a great way to make your tree look bigger. And those don’t have to be expensive, one year I painted tree limbs with no leaves white to make the tree have more of a dimensional look. Also, I find great things for great prices the day after Christmas in the big name stores like Pier One, Pottery Barn, etc. Sams is my go-to for all my ribbon, and I buy it when it first comes out in August.

I hope these tips help and that your holiday season is full of fun and ideas.

Merry Christmas!


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