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Current Fave: Citrus Prints

Hello Y'all!

Birmingham skipped the end of Spring and jumped right into Summer last week, and oh man it is hot! One of my favorites summer after summer, year after year is the quirky but also very classic look of citrus patterns. Lemons are the embodiment of a fresh and bright summer. Honestly I have never been a fan of yellow ensembles, it doesn't go with my blue and white closet, but I am obsessed with the sweet little lemons from May until the end of August. And the lemon patterns blend so well as a bit of whimsy with my preppy classics. One of my favorite citrus pieces is this Kate Spade purse I bought several summers ago. And sadly it is not for sale anymore, but check eBay if you want to be purse twins. I did gather several lemon clad pieces that I think would be perfect for this summer at the bottom of this post!

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