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  • Rebecca

A Draper James Christmas

Hello Y'all!

Christmas is less than two weeks away and I thought it was the perfect time to share my Christmas outfit for this year! Every year, since I was little, my mom and I would go shopping for a special dress or outfit to commemorate the season. This year we choose this darling shift dress from one of my favorite Southern brands, Draper James. I loved the ruffled cap sleeves and classic cut of the dress. I knew it was one that I could wear throughout winter. Thank goodness for warmer Southern winters so that I will not have to cover this dress with a coat too often. I would say the dress is true to size. The hips are a little tight so if you are super curvy then maybe size up but the fabric does have a stretch to it but maintains a tailored finish.

Silly side note: My mom threw away her winter coat when they officially moved back South but now is on the hunt for a new one for our trip to D.C. in a couple weeks. It really only gets below freezing a handful of days out of the year and none of us are complaining about it!

I wanted to keep the outfit classic and simple so I picked out my favorite Kate Spade pumps (bought last year) and black tights. My favorite tights, that last longer than one use, are from the LOFT. To finish the look I wore my pearls and KJP bracelet I got last year for Christmas. I just love dressing up during the holiday season and having fun being a little fancier! I can't wait to wear this outfit for Christmas festivities!

Thank you to my mom for making this wreath (How to coming soon) and going out on a rare cold day to take photos for me and for order this dress. Best mom award goes to you

Get my Christmas Look!

Happy Holidays from Hartsville,


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