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Bahama Blue Holiday

Happy Wednesday Y'all!

Long time no posts! Life has been a world-wind since September, I finally feel that I have my feet under me and can enjoy taking strides to fill up Southern'spirations with new posts.

During this Thanksgiving holiday my parents and I went on a grand adventure! We first travelled to Charleston for two nights and of course the experience was incredible! The food, the history and Madison Matthews!! I have blogged about them before and this time they did not disappoint. The ladies are always so welcoming and don't get me started on the clothes... AMAZING!

After sending several days wondering the streets of Charleston, shopping and eating oysters we headed out on a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. The days playing in the sea and sand led to many afternoon coffees on our balcony. Making my new Madison Matthew gingham shorts with scalloped edge and white tassels a perfect choice. Not only are they very comfortable but also maybe the cutest shorts I own!

It felt great to finally get a chance to relax and breathe fresh air, sip on coffee and even get some blog pictures in...thanks mom:)

Also thank you to both my parents for making this grand Thanksgiving adventure! More pictures and stories to follow!

xoxo RGN

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