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Free #Content Blog Brainstorming Sheets

Hello, Y'all!

Long time no new post! I am excited that Tuesday marks three months at Shipt! I know what you are thinking...what does this have to do with blogging and all I want is the freebie. (Don't worry you can scroll down to the bottom, I don't mind.) The last three months have gone by fast, and for most of it I felt like I was drowning, and on the days off I was just in recovery mode. After a couple of days of relaxing at the beach and a couple of months getting settled in with a new routine, I am kicking my butt into overdrive. I am determined to give quality content on a consistent basis and make something out of Southern'spirations. I know I may have said something similar in the past, but I am serious. Today I sat down and set up a full (Okay I have two days to figure out) content calendar for September. I had never done that before to be honest even when I posted all the time, I just posted. When I had an idea, I would write then post. Very little planning and strategy went into my posts. That is where the brainstorming sheets came in.

The other day I was like "I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS!" but where do I start, what do I post first and my brain was swimming. At first, I just started making a list of themes, but I was getting so distracted by the details or things I wanted to remember when I go to write. I went to Pinterest for a solution, and every blog planning page I found had too much detail, which is great for some. But for me, I wanted a simple outline of the main points I need for each post to get the ball rolling, and I couldn't find a downloadable that met my needs for brainstorming. I wanted a sheet that clean of details that allowed myself the creative freedom to plan a fashion post or a travel guide on the same form.

That is how I came up with the need and the creation of the #content pages. A single print out to brainstorm the basics needs for each subject or blog post covering everything from the main idea or thought you had to what type of photos you on to take. If you are a follow creative minded person, your brain runs at 2000 miles an hour. One minute you are thinking for locations for a photo shoot, next you are planning a DIY project. With these sheets, I am able to organize my thoughts and plan out my content and what is needed for a particular post. Or if I have an idea but it is not relatable yet, like Christmas post ideas, I can quickly jot down my thought and leave it in my handy binder to find when I do the plan December.

Now I know some of you are saying, " This is old school" "Binders and real paper?" , "Why don't you use Asana or Trello." I have tried that. And they work great for other projects and group work, but for me, I need to brainstorm with a piece of paper and pen to entirely focus and in the creative process. So if you are a pen and paper gal as well, click on the image below to download your sheets. And tag me @rebeccagiese on Instagram when you use them! I would love to see what #content you create!

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