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Local Spotlight: Griggs Farm Wedding and Event Venue

Hello Y'all

If you missed it last month, I brought back the Local Spotlight series, starting with Poppy's Pastry Company. For February's Local Spotlight I didn't travel far, you could even say Poppy's Pastry Co and Griggs Farm Wedding and Event Venue are family and neighbors (brides see a collaboration special at the end of this article)!

February's Local Spotlight is one close to my heart, not only did I create their watercolor marketing materials when the big barn was still just a hill, but Lori and Ashley Griggs are some of the most genuine and kindest souls I have the pleasure of knowing let alone the privilege to work with. Their wedding venue is a step back in time with warmth and years of love that you can't find in a modern-built venue. Their farm is a little piece of heaven.

It has been a treat to watch them dream big and pray harder. Watching that spot on the hill go from a pile of dirt to being on a TV show (!? see details below) and now a year later, a fully functioning event space. And through it all, they continue to give God the glory. Continue reading to learn more about Griggs Farm Wedding and Event.

What do you sell or services do you provide?

We are a venue and event space for weddings, receptions, reunions, corporate events and more.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve hosted weddings since 2021, but recently constructed our new barn in 2023.

What was the push or moment that made you take the leap of faith and start your own business?

We knew if we were going to continue hosting weddings that we needed a rain contingency plan. When my husband suggested we build a barn I took a huge leap of faith and contacted Mark Bowe with the popular show Barnwood Builders. The worst he could say was “no,” but he responded within 24 hours! That’s when I knew this was bigger than us. The Lord had a plan for us and it was bigger than the struggles we were enduring with the ailing health of our sweet loved one. God was making a way for us even when we couldn’t see it!

Want to watch the episode? Find it on Magnolia Network! Barnwood Builders Season 17 Episode 5 "Big Time Timblerframe"

Pictures from the filming and building process!

What is the biggest lesson you have learned since opening?

I have had to learn a LOT of patience since this project began. I want everything done yesterday and I never realized just how much time it takes to build something like the barn and the business from the ground up. I have also learned that creating and maintaining a business in the world of social media is very demanding and is a full time job.

What is the thing that makes you excited about the work you do? 

I love building relationships and helping people create memories. This place feels like a step into the past, into a much more simple era. I love sharing that experience with others!

Do you have any current specials, launches, or offers you would like to share?

Book with Griggs Farm before March 31st and get 24% off a wedding cake for a 2024 wedding from Poppy’s Pastry Co, or 25% off for a 2025 wedding!

Where can we find you?


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