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How to Make a Fresh Magnolia Wreath

Hello Y'all!

Yesterday I shared my Christmas outfit but the show stopper really was the fresh Magnolia wreath I was holding. So by popular demand here is the post on how to make your very own wreath. (Thank you to my talented mother for sitting down with me to make sure I had all the steps correct.) Let's get into wreath making! This process is pretty easy but it may take a little bit to get the hang of it so be patient and know that you can always untie the wire and restart if needed!

Part 1- Collection:

For collecting the branches you will need pruning shears. The branches are fairly thick to try regular scissors so investing in a good pair of pruning shears will make this process a lot easier. When cutting the branches, make sure to cut about roughly 12 inches from the end leaf. You will need about 6 inches of cleared stem for attaching later. And always collect more than you think you need just in case.

* Also very important Y'all* If you are cutting off branches from trees that are not your own please ask for permission!

Part 2 - Creation:

To create the wreath you will need your pruning shears, floral wire, wire cutters, and a wire wreath base (which you can find at most craft stores).

To start grab three branches and weave their stems into the wire wreath in one section and attach with wire to the three branches to secure in place.

Continue in groups of 3 around the whole frame until the first section and the last section meet. When the starting point and the end meet you will need to tuck the stem under the first section.

* It is always better to overfill and removes odd leaves once finished than to try and fill in spots.*

Part 3 - Care

To keep the wreath looking fresh for the Holiday season remember to spritz with water every four days or so depending on the weather and if it is indoors or outside!

And that is it! If you make a wreath please tag us on Facebook at Southern'spirations or on Instagram @rebeccagiese.

Happy Holidays from Southern'spirations!


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