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Getting Crafty | Cricut Maker Review

Hello Y'all!

Last Christmas, my mom got the Cricut Maker, and last week we finally got around to setting it up. And y'all I'm in love...even though it is technically not mine. I have grown up with a traditional Cricut and loved using it to cut out designs for scrapbooking and other paper crafts. But this new Cricut is like the Ferrari of Cricuts. It can cut vinyl, wood, fabric, iron-on material and oh man the app makes the original cartridges seem prehistoric. I thought I would give my honest review of my new favorite craft tool, from setting it up to the performance. Let's dive in!

Set Up - Super simple. You download the app onto your smartphone or iPad and then follow the step by step instructions in the app. It even walks you through setting up the Bluetooth connection between your device and the Cricut. Then it will walk you through a practice project with materials from the intro packet (included in box). Once you are done with the initial set up all you need is for the Cricut to be turned on and connected to your device to get started. Depending on the material you are cutting, you may need to change the accessories which they walk you through in the app.

The App - Very straight forward. Within the app, you can purchase designs, or my favorite part upload your own! You can set up zones to be cut and zones to be drawn all within the same design project. You can also save past projects or take a photo of the design to reference in the future. When setting up the Cricut to cut you easily pick the material and the board size. The only downside is sometimes it does take a while for the prep page to load. but that could honestly be my Wifi connection in the craft room. For an app that is meant to give you multiple options and endless design possibilities, the underlying steps to get from idea to finished product is super simple. If you can figure out Facebook updates, you can use this app haha.

Performance - Wow. I tested the Cricut with my RG signature, that is a stylized brush font, and it picked up on the raw edges and gaps. The littlest detail is not missed with this machine! The tight corners and cuts were all very clean, compared to the old Cricut that would leave little rough spots and not cut all the way through. The design on the app is nearly identical to the finished product.

If you are on the edge of investing in the Cricut Maker, I would say do it! The craft projects you can accomplish are endless, and if you are a fellow crafter, you will be obsessed.

Any questions or projects you want me to try? Let me know I am always here for crafty tips or projects!

Blessings from Hartsville!

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