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Gift Guide {For Pets}~by Elosie the Corgi

Hello, Y'all!

It's me, Eloise! My mom was going to write a gift guide for pets, but I told her to take a break and let me at it! I LOVE Petco. Everyone there is always giving me so much attention and there are so many fun things for me to smell. So, everything on this list if from Petco! And because my mom got a cat this year she told me we are on a budget so everything is under 50 dollars. I can't count but she checked. This list has everything from plush beds for my kitty sister Luna to dental sticks...I still don't think my breath smells that bad.

P.S. Remember us dogs believe in Santa so we should have stockings too, but cats don't believe, so mom if you are reading this give me Luna's presents.

Happy Shopping!

Eloise the Corgi

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