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A Southern Autumn {Ankle Boots}

Hello, Y'all!

Have you ever had a week that seems like it is taking forever to end? Me too. Several times on Tuesday I swore it had to be Thursday because it can not possibly be just Tuesday. I was sadly disappointed, but I will carry on! Remember that the Lord never gives you more than you can handle, just sometimes you don't believe it until you have passed it I have had to remind myself of this more than once this week, I don't know why but this week has been kicking me in the rear. What I do know is that He has great plans for me and that tomorrow is always a new day!!

Speaking of tomorrow it is supposed to be over 80 degrees IN OCTOBER. Every year I am shocked by how long it takes until I can truly change to my Fall wardrobe. I love sweater weather and I am also a very impatient person, which is not a good mix in Birmingham. Thank goodness for transitional pieces to help me from the desire to buy a plane ticket to Connecticut, just to wear comfy sweaters and see the changing leaves. It barely feels like Autumn here!! Several weeks ago I posted about classic riding boots. And honestly, I may have worn those boots twice since taking those photos because calf sweat is apparently a thing. Thank goodness for ankle boots!

Unlike riding boots, I really do not have particular rules or guidelines for finding ankle boots or as some say booties. I do prefer ankle boots that have minimal details and embellishments so that they can be worn more with the items in my closet. There are so many great options out there and you can honestly find a great pair of ankle boots easier than a nice pair of riding boots these days. My all-time favorite pair is my suede Jack Rogers ankle boots that were purchased last Fall. They are so comfortable and I have literally put miles on those bad boys. This year to change it up I picked up a black leather pair from the JCrew Factory store.

I styled the new leather ankle booties with another favorite for transitioning into Autumn, a sweater tank. The one I am wearing here is from the Loft. I love the scooped turtleneck and the burnt red/orange color. The material hangs like a thick sweater but being sleeves makes it perfect for surviving the heat. Of course, I am wearing my favorite high waisted jeans, also from the Loft. I wear this one pair so often I should probably invest in another! To top off the look I accessorized with a fun leather lace choker, also Loft and my go to Kate Spade purse for Autumn and Winter. Nothing screams cooler weather than a wonderful plaid!

I hope you rock the rest of your week and remember how awesome you all are!!

Blessings from Birmingham!

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