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  • Rebecca

Vintage ABCs

Hello Y'all

Have you ever made a mistake? Okay of course you have but making mistakes is a beautiful thing!

Several weeks ago I was doing a load of laundry and without thinking I placed my new, well new to me, vintage shirt in the washer. Sadly, the green pipping bled slightly causing a weird yellow ring.

At first I was so mad at myself but then I took a second and had a brilliant idea! I decided to make the mistake into a master piece. I pulled out my sewing kit and got to work! After adding a small yellow criss-cross trim along the green piping I thought it was missing something, and I do love a monogram. So, I found a font and spent the afternoon watching Disney movies while stitching away. Now my laundry mistake has become one of my favorite blouses! I can't wait until Fall when the weather is cooler and I can have fun featuring the collar with different sweaters. But until then I paired the blouse with jeans and my favorite Jack Roger sandals!

Take this as a reminder to not get frustrated when you make mistakes. Learn and create something beautiful out of those hiccups in life.

Even Mary Poppins is only practically perfect!

{If you are interested in a detailed DIY comment below or send an email!}

Blessings from Birmingham,

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