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  • Rebecca

The Sorority Recruitment Style Guide

Hello Y'all!!

To continue with the sorority recruitment fun, I partnered with BandBJewelsDesigns to bring you a style guide! One of the most important things when planning your recruitment outfits or any outfit for that matter is to remember to be yourself, like BandBJewelsDesigns motto "Be Bold Be You!". Find a special piece that makes you stand out and makes you feel your absolute best! This could be a special dress or a cute pair of tassel earrings, whatever it is...Rock It!

As a quick disclaimer - I am going off sorority recruitment attire from High Point University. If your school is different then I would love to know how!

The first nights of recruitment start with a more causal setting, and the girls are given a special event t-shirt to wear. So, to share how I would style a cute-causal outfit for the occasion, I pulled my old letter shirt out of retirement. When wearing a t-shirt, I love highlighting an accent color with my accessories. Making these light blue tassel earrings the perfect touch! The first days of recruitment are very long which makes comfortable shoes a must. I personally go for the classic ballet flat when trying to dress up a t-shirt and jeans.

The next set of days are a little fancier and you get to ditch the t-shirt for a completely (business causal) YOU-outfit. If you haven't guessed already - I have a pretty preppy style, so an oxford and scalloped skirt is a no brainer. But with such an outfit I did not want to feel stuffy or "off the shelf" boring. Which is where the tiered purple tassel earrings come in, they help bring out my bubbly personality!

Also as a side note, Samford has the greenest grass....look at it. Okay, back to the outfits.

The last night of recruitment is Final Preference, and since you go to less parties I find heels to be doable. Final Pref is a much more formal affair, so I would choose something like a classic blue shift dress. This dress always gives me confidence, and I just love the bright blue. To add some fun glamour, I paired the outfit with long yellow tassel earrings. This outfit definitely screams "Be Bold Be You"!

Remember to be true to YOU as you pick your outfits for recruitment or any other event life might bring you.

And as Dr. Seuss once said...

" Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you!"

{All earrings are BandBJewelsDesigns }

Blessings from Birmingham,

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